An occassional job I hate

I’m clearing my lock-up right now, thanks to the lessor thinking I want to pay a mortgage rather than continue to rent. (Hence the “Family Mini” thread.)

I’ve now pulled out half a dozen tool boxes, just stashed after relations and in-laws have popped their clogs, (I always inherit these things because “I’m good with my hands”. I’m not, but no matter) and opened them up for the first time in a few (ten?) years. What a depressing exercise. These things are a snapshot of a persons working life

I can understand why retired tradesmen don’y want to get rid of the tools of their trade, by why keep them when they are broken/knackered?

And why give me the job of throwing most of their working lives in the bin?

fleaBay them …

Box of old tools - vintage c19xx - assorted condition

including :-particallistingoftoolshereA little bit of history here. Inherited from etc. Now need to be cleared as we’re moving house and just don’t have the room.

99p start, collection only

You may well be surprised

Through the years, I’ve inherited quite a few tools like you, and as a carpenter and metal worker I’ve had a vested interest in repairing and refurbishing them.

years later, most of the new tools I have bought through the years have fallen to pieces but the ones I have rescued are all still going strong, and are by far the nicest to use. Don’t bin them pleeeeeaaaaaaase!!!

it’s amazing what a bit of WD40 and elbow grease can do.

any carpenters or metal workers tools in there I would be particularly interested in if you are getting rid. Boxes of imperial spanners, not so much…

never forget the scrap value either, stainless is at a very good price normally and bags of spanners can get pretty heavy!

One other option is to consider donating the tools - link below to one worthy cause, but also as a starting toolkit to a youngster starting out in carpentry or whatever trade. Often people are held back because they can’t afford to invest in basic tools…

Just a thought.

Anyway - here is that link I mentioned.

both ideas are great!!!



Thanks for that link. I hate “waste disposal” but proper recycling and donation to the needy always gets my vote.

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GSR polisher

Absolutely agree with you, but how many Stanley/Record hand drills does a man need? Certainly not five. But I will be keeping, and using, the boxwood and brass jack plane.

Passing thought. What will my son think when he inherits quite a few tool chests one of which contains some bizarre sized spanners about 3 ft. long? And a cast iron (Victorian) book binding press? And lord knows what else.

That book binding press would definitely be worth some effort, and a specialist sale perhaps? get it into an auction with some rare books, you might find the right kind of buyer.

agreed, perhaps 5 Stanley hand drills is a bit excessive.:slight_smile: