An Idea for a new Post Topic

Just an Idea for a new Post Topic???

Ive been living in London for 7 months now and fortunatly managed to sort work out before I moved, but from speaking to friends it can be a nightmare to find work for some people, especially finding a job which you can get some satisfaction and enjoyment out of. We had a job vacancy at my place last week which has now gone but thought it might be a nice idea to have a board where we can post any job vacancies we hear about to help each other out???

Obviously we dont all know each other but to notifie ahead of “non bikers” out there might just find someone a job they really need.

I actually scored my job because I turned up on my bike. My boss rides a Buell and we just talked about bikes for 30mins - I got the job.

What do you all think???


Hi there,

Thanks for this. This idea has actually come up before and we have talked about it, but a decision wasn’t made. I will flag it up again with Jay and let you know.

Keep the good ideas coming! We are always happy to hear good suggestions on improving the site :slight_smile:

PS. I’m going to move this thread to Site Issues and news for the moment.

couldnt work out where my thread had gone for a moment.

Cool cool… just an idea?

That’d be good - they have it on Pistonheads and its pretty popular :slight_smile: