An (ex) Banditloon saying hello

Seeing as I am a Londoner, who was dragged kicking and screaming to the depths of darkest Surrey and now enjoying the quiet life on the wrong side of London (west side is bad!!). I decided it would be a good idea to sign up and say… HELLO!!!

I still own a '99 Bandit which is very much in a state of repair at the moment (dodgy wiring!) and a 1993 Ducati Monster which just needs some TLC (she’s a regular at Rosso Corse at the moment).

I’ll try and get down to the Borough Market meeting when the Monster is fixed and I’m usually at the Ace for the Italian meets!



Welcome to LB

Welcome to LB!

Fancy bumping into you on here - got a dodgy old blandit myself these days as well

welcome to the site

Hi there!
I always loved the Bandit…
Hope to see you later.

How do!

Welcome to LB.

Morning Chuffster

I did spot you taking some pictures on the inside of Druids at Brands BSB on Easter Saturday. Fingers crossed I’ll be up to the BM meet next Wednesday evening (depending on the Ducati repair bill )

welcome to the site

I must get some pictures of those bikes I own on here

Hello fellow bandit owner, welcome to LB

Oi stalker.