An article on moving out of London


With the house prices and the ULEZ and the traffic and the bike crime, this might be good for some of you to read. I live in the next town west of Letchworth and yes it is that nice.


That’s fine if you’re going to like to be outside of London for the rest of your life.

I’ve known people who were not accepted by the locals or it was too quiet after the novelty wore off and then couldn’t afford to move back to London.

It’s an obvious thing to say but think long and hard first.


Been Letchworth and came back. Shite article, sounds like her ex London friends have upstaged her so shes fled but still sends her husband to earn London dollars


Failed In London Tried Hertfordshire. :grinning:


I’m in the process of doing the same. TBH you do the same work, home, pub cycle in London that you do anywhere else, it just takes longer to get to each.


It’s always been like this, nothing new to see here.

Good for her, I hope it works out for her.

It’s not for everyone, my good friends and neighbours moved to a lovely small town in Oxfordshire when their second child was born. They answered the call heard by new parents all over London that their flat was too small and their new kids would benefit from a big house and garden and country life.

Luckily for them they didn’t sell the flat because in three years they came running back. They couldn’t stand the blandness of their new town: everyone was white, everyone seemed to think the same, read the same papers, vote the same. They felt their kids were growing up prisoners in their car - everyone drives everywhere. Willing to overcome living in a small London flat, they served their tenants notice and came running home.


Same here… 5 years ago moved out. Great commuting in car to Hove. Company structure changed a couple months ago so decided new role wasn’t for me… turns out industry pretty much in London so back to big smoke as that’s where jobs are.

Luckily just about an acceptable commuting with 45min train (if on time) and 18min walk to office.

All depends what industry you work in. Sure I might find a job in the area (within 40min drive) but its a rarity…


Yeah, the country attitudes can get pretty tiresome. Yesterday I had the “I’m not racist, but…” conversation about how the immigration had destroyed our country. You hear so much more of this bollox in an area where there has basically been fck all immigration. But for reference to all you Eastern Europeans…you’ve stolen our jobs, our houses and all whilst being unemployed too.

I genuinely think if you could move more enlightened Londoners to the sticks it would be a far more pleasant experience than listening to the small minded attitudes of inbreds whose idea of diversity is shagging both sisters.


Think you will find most of the London councils moved subsets of renters to the suburbs in the 90s. I recall Stevenage was not considered part of Hertfordshire as most were shipped out from London council homes to the purpose built estates (Jackmans - if I recall correctly), did wonders for the house prices in selected parts of Hitchin and Letchworth. My ex’s parents (the only black family living on a certain sought after road) were being offered silly money for the time by estate agents to sell up.