An afternoon at Bullet Motorcycles

For me it was a lazy afternoon, but for Foxy, it was work. Last Saturday I had the camera with me so took some snaps of her work-place, Bullet, on the Kings Road. It’s a very cool shop with a lot of atmosphere. They’ve got some interesting clothing, bikes, accessories and other items, definately worth a perusal.

Foxy might hurt me later for posting up so many pictures with her in it, but hey, the camera takes the pictures, I just publish them. It’s a free country!

Hurt you!!! MMMMMM me thinks you couldn’t take it!!! If no one see’s Jay around for a while, don’t worry!!! It’s because he’s tied up in the basement of the shop… Ha Ha Ha… It might be a free country but He’s not a free man!!!

LOL, good pic’s Jay but you might want to start hidding now m8 by the sounds of it.

Foxy, nice to see the name match’s the lady.

Me thinks me and the Zed may need to pay a little visit to Bullet M/C’s

Hi there Coxy… looking forward to your visit to the shop… I’ll be working there on Friday and Saturday… Just remember Z’s not dead baby!!!

interesting shop might have to have a look

Thank God you believe in freedom of the press Jay…

FoxY…If you need to chain anyone else up in the basement…

Jay, you ever thought about working as a freelance photographer for the Sunday Sport?

(Nice pics though )

Hi YellowGixer600… I haven’t finished with Jay yet… He’s a VERY defiant young man!!! Right now I sure do have my hands full… He’s a bit of a wild one… this could take some time… Pass by, It’s nice to put a face to the bike!!!

If anyone can read this, can you please send the army round to help get me out of here… Foxy is getting her wicked way with me…

Im sure your hating every minute of it Jay!!!

I remember when your shop opened (must of been about 12 years ago?), I used to pop in when I worked in Fulham Broadway (made a refreshing change to Warrs Harley, boss was/is a top geezer, always had time for a chat, and when my RGV had been knocked over by some myopic cardriver, I dropped by and he let me borrow some tools to try and sort my bent bits out.

May be over Putney way on Saturday so a visit could well be on the cards

Keep yer eyes peeled for a midget on an Orange Z1000

Jay, on my brazilian way of understanding it I can tell you that we are all JELOUS!!! that’s all…

Forgive me Jay if i dont rush to your aid…

Although, if you dont survive…can i keep the thou?

I think Foxy wants that, sorry…

Still at work mate otherwise I would dash to the rescue. Just enjoy it while it lasts!

Tying you up in the basement and having “…her wicked way…” with you is one thing.

but keepin a fella’s Gixxer is just mean

Whatta woman…

Hi there Mille Monster… I just wanted to say that Jay has been on his hands and knees BEGGING for more!!! It’s kinda cute…

Coxy… Nice Z Baby… yeah the shop’s been going for around 15 years… Roy’s the owner and he’s a Top Geezer… Loony as well!!! Sounds like you will have to bring a step ladder if you wanna chat as I’m 5’10"!!!

YellowGixer600, I’ve decided to let Jay keep the thou…(for now!) I like the way his cute ass looks on it… mmmm tasty…

Jay… Hello lover!!!

Who’s the owner?

Nice pics…too many clothes though.

ps Jay…your jackets in stock

Woohoo, thanks James!