Amersham and Aylesbury

ive just had a cracking ride to Amersham and Aylesbury along the A413. It was stunning, beautiful day, great scenery and the sound of my pipes all throbbing away was enough to put a big smile on my face!, deffo a great rideout for an afternoon.

Came a more “boring” way home, m25, M1, through Kilburn high road, yuk! but still it got me out for 2 hours!

Just don’t try to top out your bike on that long straight bit near the A40

nope i didnt!

hello mate…is that a sv in you picture haha.looks nice

no darling, its actually my new fazer fz1 hehe

Some great roads out there mate!

And that’s not the best bit.

Next time go through Aylesbury and stick on the A413 up through Winslow to Buckingham. 25 miles of bliss. Coupled with 8 more miles to the A43, takes about 40 minutes. You can stop at the Towcester services and then come back the same way, or hit the A5 and blast home.

There’s a dozen roads at least in these parts when you’re sick of the 413.

Thats one of my ride outs. Watford to the Tesco’s at Buckingham for a cup of tea and a slice of cake and back!

(I sound like worzel gummage now)


anything throbbing between your legs would put a smile on your face

Grr that’s my patch and now there’ll be hundreds on it…


Reserved for " bumpkins " , find yer own twisties

bog off you two! i am a bumkin, get ya facts right!