American Football

As some of you may know, one of my passions is computer gaming (see the other one I haven’t mentioned is American Football. I just wondered if anyone else here enjoys either playing or watching it?

Currently I play for the Farnham Knights ( having left the Chiltern Cheetahs last year for whom I was team captain and set a few records

^^ Me playing Bristol a couple years back. #15, hence the AndyCr15. You can see me on YouTube here -

In my prime, I captained England, but unfortunately middle age spread caught up with me

I’ve been a Redskins fan since 1986 and in the last 4 years I’ve been over and watched 3 games. What an experience!

So, anyone else follow and NFL team or even a UK team?

(I’m sure there will be a few “American Football’s for p00fs” type comments. If anyone should understand that wearing padding doesn’t make things not hurt when you hit them, it should be bikers… )

When i was younger i used to follow the Dallas cowboys, but got bored with it in the end.

Been watching for years… since '85 I think. Been a Raiders fan all along (which is difficult right now). Never played, although I did fancy it I never did get around to trying it.

I enjoyed the odd spot of CFL (Montreal) and I’ll watch almost anyone play American Football. Got a patriots shirt lying around somewhere.

being that my ather was in the united states airforce over here…i was enlisted in little leauge…then when i grew older,i played for my school…(Lakenheath eagles)…then i played for the Newmarket Mustangs a very long time ago…

time went by and i moved to Plymouth and tried out for the admrils…but there were too many ppl there that liked nothing but the attention of the offence and not enough on defence…(i was a cornerman)…so that put me right off

anyways…thought about getting into it again as ive too…grew up being a skins fan

bring back Joe Thiesman any day of the week…lolol

so yea…love the sport…grew up playing the sport…and still after all these years…when/if the falcons play the redskins…even tho my father is now 3,000 miles away…he still phones me up to argue about an offside…facemask…pass interference…hahahaha

NFL smiled.

Oh cool. My brother played for Leicester Panther Youth back in about '85 when they beat Lakenheath, which as far as I’m aware is the first instance of a base team being beaten.

Theisman was just before my time. I have this odd liking of Jay Schroeder (or ’ the mad bomber’ as I used to call him) which makes my brother laugh (Raiders fan) cause generally he was terrible Gary Clark and Art Monk for the Hall of Fame I say! Darrell Green was a bit of a hero too. I recall listening to THAT punt return against the Bears on armed forces radio. Man, still gives me goose bumps.