American Chopper

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Do you have to be built like a brick sh1thouse to ride a chopper motorbike? :blink:

What`s this all about?And where were you today yong man?:smiley:

Heavily built men building custom chops. Some really skilled work and nice looking bikes going on. :slight_smile:

I’m no mechanic/engineering god but to me, it looks like they order everything in and make a few fenders…

they do make nice looking bikes but just looks like to me, they tell people what they want, bend a few exhaust pipes, cut out some fenders, stamp a logo on the tank and jobs a good un…

I’ve never been really impressed with what they’ve actually made themselves.

The only one that does anything at OCC is rick, the rest are there to bitch at each other to keep the show going

i was trying to get my ktm fixed,then gave up and went jacket shopingplease forgive me :slight_smile:

it has come along way from the early days and now they are a big name they dont seem to put as much effort into their bikes,its more a case of get them build ASAP and sell um