American Car Meet with Doughnuts...?

Picked up a leaflet last night whilst collecting a doughnut or three as I missed IanXV’s chip shop closing time!

Second Saturday of each month - 10.30am

Open to all american cars, hot rods, rat rods and race cars…

Located at Krispy Creme Doughnuts, 492 Great Cambridge Road, Enfield, EN1 3FD.

Just thought some may have an interest…haven’t been yet myself but hey at worst you can get yerself a Rasberry doughnut!!!

AHH i think i have driven past this on the a10 or a406 not to long ago…i may pop down there over the weekend (for a doughnut not nec the meet!)

Just round the corner from me, might wander over and have a laugh. And possibly a doughnut or several…

Kwacked it’s the same people that meet 400 yards from your front door on the last friday of the month