Ambulance Biker

big thanks to the ambo motorcycle that saw me broken down at the side of the road this evening. He was going in the opposite direction but when he saw my predicament (broken down on a busy not very well lit road with fast traffic flying by) he span round and helped me get to a safer position. He got a shout and had to shoot off quickly before I could thank him properly. Nice to see bikers do still look after each other. If you read this - thanks mate. :smiley:

quite friendly are the paramedic bikes, often nod when passing them, and get a nod back, and have a hcta at the lighs

Nice one! :smiley:

Always good to see things like this. When we were pulling into the slip road for Starvin Marvins tonight after being at the Ace, there was a bloke pushing his bike along the A40. We parked up and walked down the road to him. Dave got there well before me and helped the guy to push the bike to the petrol station and then told him we were eating in the Diner if he was still having problems with the bike. Thankfully it fired up after he filled it up and was gone when we came out.