Amber running lights

That is the annoying thing with modern lighting, it is never clear whether watts are being used for the current or the incandescent equivalent.

Supposedly an ultra high output 65W halogen high beam is 2,100 lumen. Those eBay lamps claim to be 1,098 lm whilst the Amazon one claims 9,600 lm. Eeek!

The lights are three stops away according to Amazon, though whether I get to fit them today will depend on the rain.

Delivery excitement. I had a ‘big & bulky’ delivery from Wickes yesterday, emailed notification said 7am to 7 pm delivery make sure someone is at address to receive. Delivery arrived at 7.01 pm and I was going to jokingly ask the driver “what time do you call this” but I was his last delivery and he looked so stressed I thought he may not appreciate the humour.

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So I made a mistake. The reason the listing for the light I bought was £10 cheaper then the one linked is because it was literally a light, and not a pair. So that is going back.

But I installed one of the mounts (bought separately) and rested the light on it to see how it looks. It is a bit big but also not too big. I am not really sure what I think. Probably need to see it lit to be sure, but I think it worth swapping for the pair as it is not too bad.

I never factored the height when I tested with my cardboard circle, so it will have to be centred on the mount and overhang by 2". It would be better if it could be mounted downwards, but that would not work as it has a lip on the top.

Meanwhile the mounts are very strong and chunky, but I am not sure how well they fit. The inners for the narrow setting are too narrow, and the middle ones are too wide. One of each just about works, but it still twists by hand easily.

They are clearly designed for big lights though, very much overkill even for these. But it is difficult find ones for mounting vertically in front on a vertical pipe. I think I will have to continue looking for those. The crash bars are 27", incidentally.

And completely unrelated whilst I was taking photos, this is my previous, successful, lighting project.


Thought this thread was about running Amber’s. I heard a cyclist might have run about 6 red lights in Carlisle last week :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

bloody hell. that’s a light and a half!

Christmas in a top box

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DENALI “DM” LIGHT PODS come with amber lenses [swappable]

I personally use the clear lenses, they are pretty small but throughout enough light for cars to flash me occasionally