Amazon and Andes in one day!

Think I am going to die now, stiff as feck!

"I jumped back on the bike and unfortunately the side stand gave way and the bike fell on top of me. "

No offence mate but people of our caliber should not be jumping on anything! :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley: Very amusing story however :smiley:


Can you imagine getting to your destination and realising: “**** I’ve left my passport back there, got to head back!” :smiley:

You had me worried for a minute! No way on earth I’d go back there at the moment :w00t: Be amazed if those poor buggers stuck at the second mudslide aren’t still on the mountain for a second night.

Great story Nick… sounds like your having a great adventure… might start calling you Indiana :slight_smile:

lol, bloody hell matey! lol here i am gripped to the edge of my seat, :laugh:

Pix or it didn’t happen!

FYI our jetsetting worldhopping accountant friend BL is too tight to buy a camera:D

Blog now updated for

Irritating Grandma on a hippy bus
World’s most dangerous road (by bike)
Salt flats in Bolivia
Riot in La Paz

Back in 10 days so will no doubt bore people silly when I see them


all your doing is adding more places to my i want to go there on a bike lst!!!:smiley:

Great stuff Nick; your guide sounds like a chap you should award honorary LB membership to.

A Great read, nice one Nick. :slight_smile:

You cant be a beancounter at heart, you’re too adventurous :stuck_out_tongue: