I think, I adore this guy) :rolleyes:

Can someone of you do something like that? Is it hard to learn like this? :slight_smile: Would be interesting to hear your opinions)

I know better riders that that! And yes stunt riding is hard and it really hurts when it goes wrong :frowning: Maybe i should have gone to ride on the track insted… hurts less


Paul Hansky one of my stoppie idols… i want to be as good as him

Lee Bowers one of my fave UK riders

Stunter 13 my fave stunter (only stunter that can do switchback drifting!)

Benjamin Baldini my fave French Stunter

Wow)) This is cool)) Is it just like hobby and for fun or does they have some competitions? Or only performances? :slight_smile:

^ and they’ve got better cameras :wink:

what is switchback drifting btw?

There was a competition this weekend gone and the streetfighter sunday was the european competition where Stunter 13 won. And they do shows yes…

Drifting but you are facing backwards

like this:

I like his jerkin in your second video))

:w00t: wow!

crazyness, no harm giving someone credit just cus you know someone better Ali!!! The guy in the OP has got some skills.

Like that guys dismount where he stops the bike on its stand and goes off the front (on the stoppie video) thats cool, imagine turning up at bike meets and doing that and running straight in for a coffee!!

Stunter 13 is pretty awesome… he just won Stunt Wars out in the US. And he is really nice aswel! Am soooooo looking forward to the Polish Stunt GP next year :smiley:

This is just for fun)) Was very impressive start)):slight_smile:

Rafal won awesome good for him

He is kinda killing at the moment

And same going to be a good one :slight_smile:

Do you use some other keyboard layout than English? Or maybe a non-english keyboard? I’m presuming those close brackets ‘)’ are supposed to be exclamation marks ‘!’ ? :smiley:

Seems that u were never sitting in the chats and u were not a gamer))) Then u would know that this is “)” like a smailer :slight_smile: And this is “))))” “)))))))))))))))” and so on like laughing)) :hehe: But I’m used to them for long years using))

in all my years gaming online I’ve never seen ) ))) )))))))) etc. used :blink:

Really?)) And thouse ones as well? ----> =^.^= ^.^ :slight_smile: O_O O_o o_O and so on)))

) = : ) only i don’t like to put thouse dotes))) :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Did u play Lineage II?)

Lineage is heavily played Asian folks, they tend to often use different smilies, such as ;-; etc.

those you put in are fairly normal, I use them too, just the ) ))) ))))) I haven’t seen like that, but with the colon, as in : ) : ))) : )))))))) (w/o the space inbetween)

still find it bit weird and annoying nonetheless, max 2-3 brackets are usually enough imo :stuck_out_tongue:

As I told I am too lazy to put the colon))) :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

And L2 is the best of the best… sad… that i am not in any more((( i miss it a lot(