Amazing R1 fighter

Saw this at Box today - my phone pics don’t really do it justice - probably the best engineered bike I’ve ever seen - the detail and quality of finish sublime - someone’s put a lot of their life/money into it - quality.


nice…but theres better i think, theres a 1260 harris fighter that goes up high beech, proper awesome, spondon framed too:)

brilliant job - tasteful and restrained - minimalist and not over the top.

beautiful, simple but mean as hell


I’m not usually a fan of fighters, but this is quite tasty

No’ I’m not usually a fan either, but believe me, that bike was proper job - nice little touches everywhere, R1 embossed inside see through clutch cover, Ohlins rear shock, quadruple clamped forks, rose jointed spars.

Wonder if it stays on the ground when the nitrous button’s pushed?

Nothing says “under-stated” quite like a huge bottle of NOS (Complete with a shiny and reflective NOS-----> logo on the side) bolted to the side of the bike. :laugh: :laugh:

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and all of that…but…that is pants. shrug

same here but this on the other hand makes me completely want one!