Amazing film from GoPro.

Check out this cool video, all filmed, apparently, using the latest GoPro Hero 2 camera.:cool:

music is ‘We Can Make The World Stop’ by The Glitch Mob.

incredibly good footage. I’d love to upgrade to that :slight_smile:

Awesome vid … and equally amazing viral marketing material :wink:

Think you need a full on top-end editing package, and some well disciplined shooting to get anywhere close to that from my experience … even with older GoPros :slight_smile:

Does it shoot at a high frame rate to get that kind of slow motion?

Does it work on a bike?

Awesome vid…

Bike yes.
ANywhere yes, isn’t that obvious from the vid?
Awesome frame rate for super slo-mo. HD. And designed for Xtreme Sports use. New kit will set you back between 250 and 450 depending in which eBay/Amazon/bloke off a back of a truc you buy from and includes about 20 different mount units that you can attach, such as curved helmet mounts, handle bar fittings, sticky tape velcro mounts and so on…

Considering this, TV companies now buy boxes of the damm things for any “action” footage in game shows or docos, cos the qwuality/price ratio, is STUPDENOUS!


BUY NOTHING ELSE… yuo won’t need anything else…

I’ve ordered one.

I always used the 2nd highest option, the highest was wide screen only.

When the bike arrives, video indeed.

That is pretty amazing value. Will they not ship internationally?

wow, if this was porn i’d say it’s best porn i’ve ever seen, amazing!!

it was just sexual :smiley:

Naaaa… That image just seems very off to me. Could possibly the barrelling.

Would much rather spunk my hard earned beans on something like the replyxd. At the end of the day its more aerodynamic, compact, and from the looks of it more user friendly.
And still does 1080P!

I know which one I’d rather have mounted to my helmet.

Not sure if anyone’s found it cheaper, (and if they have please let me know) but I’ve found a spot that does the Motorsport GoPro kit, which is Cam plus about 10 different motorports related mounts for helmet and vehicle attaching…

for just £245…

The guy even said that if I bought bulk, he might be able to lower that price too…

There’s a lot of folk showing an interest in GoPro, and also just getting a camera for back up’s sake in the case of accident…

Would anyone be interested in going in with me to try and get the price lower…

Can I get a show of hands if anyone’s interested?


£225 inc. p&p for the Motorsports Edition from UK distributor is the cheapest I’ve found, if you’re still looking at getting a Hero 2

Sorely tempted myself, must admit.

I like the GoPros … but they can be a fiddly pain to use, point, and review content.

The new Drift looks a good compromise, with built in screen. I’m thinking to get one of those next.