Amazing cars on amazing pics

Just have a look, what an outstanding quality photos. And cars are not worse

I agree the photos are good, but sadly the cars do nothing for me.

The Skyline does it for me, great colour and they go like stink !

The cars are nice, just not whats been done to them lol well with the exception of the skyline . Damn good photos though

That was the reason to show them to you- the quality of the photos.

I know that I’m the odd one here being crazy the same way about cars and bikes

I’ll take the Evo or the Skyline.

Your not alone anymore Rottie I like bikes nearly as much as I love cars, great quality photos it’s a pitty the men owning them are tasteless, the NSX and RX-7 do it for me though

not at all mate, bike’s are just cheaper, but i love cars

Now theres three of us, awww I no longer feel alone lol

Bit too max power for me!

Some more pics:

Again some top quality shots there i’m lovin the NSX and Nissian Z, the NSX design had the input of Ayrton Senna i’m told its pure perfection to drive