Amazing Bikes - Praise.

Spent today sorting my ailing CB250. Swapped over the block, piston, head and cover. Was given a ramp to get on with it and only needed help for getting the block on past the piston rings, definately a two man job! All in all, very pleased with myself and in debt to Nigel for the use of the ramp and tools. I would have gone to OMC for exactly the same service, but being short of cash and needing a touch of help, Nigel helped me out by letting me use the spare ramp as he was not breaking bikes today. AmazingBikes, run by bikers for bikers. Great fella’s and the tea kept coming.

Keep an eye out for the planned bike/car meet in May. I will post more details on that when it is firmed up some more.

yes heard about them. They are localish for me too. Ill have to pop in and say hi.