Amazing Bikes - Praise

I have now fitted a Scorpion end can to my Sprint RS and wanted to see how it was affecting the fuelling, so went around to see Mark at Amazing Bikes this morning. He did three runs for me.

1st Run - Baffle Out
2nd Run - Baffle In
3rd Run - Geared Run baffle Out.

All in all, the fueling with the baffle in is not good - making 104bhp at the rear wheel, but baffle out things smooth out nicely and the bike runs well. The power run saw the bike putting out 110bhp at the rear wheel, the geared run saw if putting out 112bhp at the rear wheel.

Mark did all the runs in around 45 minutes. The System cannot remap the Triumph ECU, so I got to TriMoto for that side of things. Not bothered with fitting a PowerCommander.

The DynoPro machine does do Suzuki ECU’s in full detail though, per cylinder and at various throttle settings as well in great detail. Very good piece of kit. Well pleased with the results and with the excellent service as always.

£35 for the time spent on the Dyno is good value for money.