AMA Superbikes @ VIR - Loads of Photos!

AMA Superbikes @ VIR - Loads of Photos!

Hey guys,

We were at the AMA Superbike round at VIR last weekend and got a couple of interviews, one with Brit WSB champ, Neil Hodgson and the other with Jason DiSalvo. The Hodgson interview is up already, the DiSalvo one will come later. We got four galleries worth of photos for Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Here’s a sneek peek, for the rest you’ll have to hit the links below! All this was possible with the hard work of Brian Pilcher, aka GixxerUSA, and LB. Thanks fella!

This is the first time we’ve covered an international event, and plan on it being the first of many. AMA Superbike is comparable to British Superbikes, and is on various Sky/Cable channels regulary.

For those that don’t know, it’s a very interesting series as the tracks are very different to UK ones, and the scoring system is different too. One of the most notable differences is that ALL competitors get points for finishing, as opposed to the more international approach where only the top 15 or so get points and those below do not. This means that you get back-markers fighting just as hard as the guys at the front for points, which also means they won’t move over and allow the front-runners to come through easily when being lapped! So you get some amazing last lap clashes!

Full Event Coverage Galleries:

AMA Superbikes @ VIR '06 - Sunday
AMA Superbikes @ VIR '06 - Saturday
AMA Superbikes @ VIR '06 - Friday
AMA Superbikes @ VIR '06 - Thursday

Neil Hodgson Interview: