AMA crash

Some people are very lucky eh?

Oh man that’s crazy! Weird, you’d have thought banging the lever would have locked the front only for a second, if that, but I guess he hit him so hard the level stayed depressed for long enough to jam the brake. I’ve hit the back of a bus before with my brake lever when being a little to over-excited with some filtering, that was a scary moment, but it just made the forks dive for a milisecond and I was on my way again. Hell, I’ll never make that mistake again.

Looks like crasher #2 got some target-fixation going on and missed his window.

A nasty crash and crasher 1 is a lucky puppy, but I do remember Hodgson saying that in the AMA there are some riders who would struggle to get into the intermediate group on a UK trackday . . . .

Perhaps I should move to the USA then and enter? Would love to bang fairings with Mat Mladin, Yates, Hodgeson and Bostrom.

He is one lucky boy.