Am i the only one awake?

Its 4.27 am been awake since 1.30 tried to get back to sleep for over anhour , didnt work read superbike magazine from start to finish still not able to sleep now im down stairs doing thiswhy cant i sleep , ???

should i say morning every one , nah bit early yet;)

Morning - I’ve been up since 05.00. Can’t sleep either.:angry:

I was up early as well, fed the cat, read Riders Digest, tried to sleep again, but now up and looking at the rain falling.

Dont you just love this weather

i would if i was a duck!!!

Sounds like you need to get yourself a Super-retard and get out there!:smiley: I’m gagging for it!:w00t:



think you may be right!! im selling one of the track bikes soon so may put the money towards it;)