Am I Selling A Wreck Or Is It OK?

Just sold my old CBR1000f on fleabay & I’ve got a guy picking it up on Saturday.A brief history so far. Bought it in March, rode it home from Oxford to Herts, nice blat down the motorway & it was fine, no problems at all. It was tatty, so I bought it as a “fixer-upper” which I proceed to do, then advertised it. So, since buying it & riding it home it’s probably done about 20 miles. So that’s about 7 months or sitting doing very little.

Anyhoo, once warmed up the bikes is fine, ticks over nicely and goes well. But when starting from cold, it really doesn’t sound all that great (in my opinion). It doesn’t backfire as such, not a huge bang, but when it’s warming up it does make a half arse attempt to backfire when blipping the throttle, sort of a “pfutt” than a “bang”

I didn’t mention this is the ad, but I did make it clear that it has been sat doing very little for the best part of the year.

I know it’s hard to tell without actually seeing it. But my concience is starting to give me a prod.

I seem to remember my old CBR600 didn’t like the cold either, but it didn’t do this half arsed backfire thing.

I reckon it just needs a good high speed run to clear the cobwebs to be honest. But seeing as the guy will be picking it up & I will have to start it from cold, can I use the “not been used, needs a good blat” excuse, or am I bullshitting him & myself?

Saying all that, for a shade under a grand, would you expect a bike to be as smooth as silk?

You could go and warm it up by filling it up with petrol for him :wink:

The bad will be cancelled out by the good :slight_smile:

Thats a big ol’ tank to be filling up…but if it seals the deal :slight_smile:

Fine mate, noone would expect a bike of that age, sold as ‘not run for a while’, and that price to be a complete peach, sweeten the deal with a tank of petrol and you can sit back and be happy with yer cash.

If it has been standing that length of time the fuel will be in poor state and will have lost some of the more volatile components. Drain the fuel and fill it up with fresh then run it through might help more than you expect.

Good stuff, this is helping ease my worries. I’m such a sensitive soul :smiley:

it probaly coughs and splutters because of the liquid in the tank that used to be petrol some time ago. plus there’s gonna be some gunk residue in the fuel system and carbs. i’d get a bottle of redex and run a whole bottle thru. instructions on the label.

it did work on my fazer. the guy used to park it in the lake. now, it’s sweet as intended.

yes padawan…

fill the tank…then the gods will be pleased:D


Ok, we have pick date sorted.Quick question. The bike is currently SORN. Do I have to give him the SORN paperwork along with the V5? S’cue my divvyness.Scrap that question, just found out that I do :slight_smile:

So what do you do then??? :stuck_out_tongue:

Very little for not enough money :smiley:

He did say “that I do” not “what I do”

Oh yeah, sorry.

I do need the SORN letter when I sell the bike. :slight_smile: