Am I mad?

Pen, can you please suspend Kim for the remaining five days she’s got left in NYC? She’s supposed to be out there, to have fun, experience the Big Apple and whatnot, do a spot of shopping, etc, not logged on an internet site!

Hey AJ hows working in the US going did you bring picx of Bella and the baby 125 with you, If I went away not seeing my baby would drive me mad, but right now she’s so close I can touch her while typing this

Still parked in your bedroom then?

i wish -

i am supposed to be out here training people in our ny office, meetings with clients & sales guys, dinner with colleagues… and sleeping in a very small hotel room… no shopping involved whatsoever (well at least till friday afternoon taking the afternoon off…)

please dont suspend me

DA I carry photos of my two darlings everywhere i go…

You are SO right Paivi?..but shes missing us !!! Bet shes missing her babies more tho !! (and rightly so) oh i SO loved it when Andrew stalled your baby P ?..made my day!

“Buds like coat hooks” ???

“Bikinis under leathers”

I fear Flatout’ll hijack this any moment…

and I don’t like boats as a rule. But I may make an exception bearing the above in mind

So long as you promise NOT to take controls?..its a bugger to start up again once stalled !!! (smile)…but then you will have your eyes on something else me thinks ???

My ‘baby’? Are you mad, woman? I haven’t got any babies. I’ve got two bikes, and as you can see, I’m not territorial. If Andrew wants to ride Her Grace, he’s welcome to. If he wants to stall her, again, go right ahead, dear! Just don’t blame it on the Italianness of the Ducati… It was a good save, though, normally when I stall it, I do a spectacular unscheduled dismount.

Err SHE calls em her “babies”…didnt say your italianess duke was your baby?? I havent a clue what you call your bike…mine also is not known as my “baby” but hey…AJ loves to love !!!

Err MY mistake, i DID put down baby didnt i? …was a slip…i promise…not meant your way…ha ha

It’s not a Duke anyway but a Duchess!

HA !!! then you DO call it something !!! hee hee

hey Jules… of course i love to love… my bikes that is…

and yeah i call the little one Baby cos she is so small and the big one is Bella but am aware that they are machines and no not having a “babies moment” … so no not completely pshyco yet… (at least thats what the voices keep telling me )

Of course I do, but a ‘baby’? shudders

“Spectacular unscheduled dismount” ahahaha more like ejection!!

err can I say that here or do I moderate myself ? (oo-err)



You’re being a naughty boy, Andrew, go to my room!

nah your not mad girl! i have my baby parked oppersite my flat and im always looking out the window longing to get on board and just ride. I dont use her that often, maybe once a week unless ive got any hols or trips planned. It sounds sad but i really miss her if im away and worry, ah well im off to get a tissue sniff sniff. x

I know we all like bikes and find them very exciting…but I think some people are going a bit too over to top!

End of comment.

yay kim !!!..hope your doing good over there mate…your babies are awaiting your return and they miss you too…lol

and are you mad?..corse you are…your an LBer…you feckin bonkers luv!!!

hurry home toots i miss my pal…and dont forget to steal me somthing from your office in NY…remember…it has to be truley nicked…not a givaway…and not a pen…a proper theift…like the stapler you mentioned…lol…this is gonna be great!!!

hurry back ya bugger…i miss ya!!!


you’re right Weaver - I think we should have stick poking for those folks who say they coming to events and then pull out at the last minute as well… or another suitable punishment…

Shane already done mate… got you a few goodies…

just an fyi for those of you who think i am completely nuts…

Yes I am!!!