Am I mad?

I have a serious problem…

I have been in the states for less than 24 hours now and I seriously miss my bikes… how sad am I?

Cant wait to get home…


dont iv been in spain 9 days! im trying to enjoy my holz with my family, all i can think about is the friggin bike…


your not mad your addicted, you need a fix thats all.

tests have shown just looking at bikes or talking to a biker can relieve Symtoms .

get a bike mag or 3 or do like me and find the nearest bike hang out hehe

Thats it im going nextdoor to ask the neighbor’s son for a go on his mini moto!!

no your not mad AJ i was the same with my pushbikes hahaha, and when i started riding my rs i had 20 days riding till i had to go new york and i was well gutted and it was New York but hey.

Mine’s been in the garage 20 mins and I’m missing it!

Well you are missed too…its too quiet without you…

I’m going to the garage to clean mine right now as I’m home waiting for my GPs be fitted! Rode it yesterday to Brands and it’s filthy now!

Kim! Enjoy where you are girl and take some pics of the strange bikes you wil see over there,lol

I was in the states for a fly drive up the Big Sur and was cursing that i did not have my bike with me
Pulled over at a rest point and there was a bunch of local hells angels
Wife went to powder her nose and i ended up chatting to the guys and was even allowed to sit and rev for a while on a seriously customed chopper
Go find yourself a biker and say hello

Your mad with passion. To get my fix when i was in spain, i found a motorcycle hire shop and rented out a CB600 for two hour’s every other day which cost about £30 - spain’s roads are well nice & smooth! the last day i rented a quad for the beach _ how fun are they?

Your NOT mad Kim… I feel like my soul is missing when I don’t have my bike…

I’ll be on mine in two hours time , then on the company bike for the following 9 hours…finishing at 01:00…then back on mine!!

about 200miles i reckon…covering all routes i have to…


Porkscratchin, You’ve got an excellent job!! … for a copper!

Sounds normal to me. I find I get the cravings after a day or two without riding a bike.


It’s perfectly natural. I can’t imagine what you must be going through right now. Just be content in the knowledge that they’ll be there for you when you return. If you need to talk I’m sure there are plenty of us who will be happy to be a shoulder to cry on.

Hi ABBEYJ. woo hooo…its me…the blader !!! We had a scream on sunday you would have loved it !!! Hurry home and meet up with us…we need to make our ladies gang BIGGER !!! Lipstick and bikes DO go together…just think, summer, hot, leathers, sweaty, lippy, hairbrush, no nickers (oops got carried away there letting out me secrets!!ha ha)…and just us girlies winding up the boysies !!! Come on home girl !!! We are all missing you !!!

definitely having withdrawal symptoms… i need to find out where the bikers hang out - ok… shakes are starting to set in… need to get out of the office… dam sun has just come out… comeon rain dammit… (where’s the snow )

five more days and counting…

hey blade even better - bikinis under the leathers - a bike run to the beach and a day in the sun watching the local surfers… hows that an idea for a summer run

Better still? we can get the bikinis, under the leathers, take the bikes to the marina, meet up with Andy, and rest of the girlies, and all get on the boat…and waterski and sunbathe all day !!! He will be in his ELEMENT and we get bronzed and pampered…all us girls and just one man???

oh wow…

i have not waterskiied in a while now thats an idea!!!


Weaver??? Trust me, when your on the boat??? no one gives a flying one !! so bikini or not…it doth not matter me lady !! Hey now THATS a thought…bikini or NOT !!! what if we did the NOT !! he he or better still, what if we do what that woman at the ace did? but keep our helmets on !!! ha ha…ie push up bra, unzipped leathers !!! HE HE…but one our OWN bikes…imagine the scenario? a line of us girlies, push up bras etc etc…all in a line…ha ha !!! OH god what am i saying?..nah, we go too fast to notice the odd nip showing !!! (have buds like coat hooks after though ) LMAO…

jules you nutter - yeah someone of us dont have to worry about the push up bras,…

weaver… believe me - on the boat - no one is gonna worry… its purely a case of being on the water, so relaxing… luvly dubly… on the girls ride - put me down in the slow group for the mo… still gonna be running Bella in = so need to take it a bit easier… but thats a “tentative” … dont know if i can defo make the 18th… should be ok tho…