Am I just Lucky or...

Going to get parking fines in the post. 2 x forgotten to pay for parking in Westminster this week and come back to no fine. Do they not leave they’re parking tickets on the bike anymore?

I went two months parking in Westminster while I was working there before being issued a ticket. It happens :slight_smile:

when I got a ticket, they left it on a bike, but that was a year ago or so. Don’t forget that if it’s your first one in Westminster, then just appeal and it will be cancelled.

Edit: 99% you were lucky

Westminster Council have a policy of cancelling the first PCN issued if it is a code 11 “Non payment of the parking tax”

I had a fine a week ago from Westminister. It was stickied to my mirror, just like I’ve seen them do it to other bikes for many years.

I’ve appealed on the grounds that I never received their reminder text. You get an option to get one when you pay for parking online. That reason was ignored, but like mentioned by nails, the ticket was cancelled nonetheless because it was my first offence.

Thank you for your correspondence regarding the above Penalty Charge Notice (PCN).

I have carefully considered the points you have raised and reviewed the details of the case in full. I can confirm that this PCN has been cancelled.

The PCN was issued as the Civil Enforcement Officer (CEO) believed the vehicle to be parked without payment of the required charge. As this is your first PCN for this contravention I have used my discretion to cancel. This should not be seen as a precedent for any future PCNs you may receive.