Am I evil for finding this amusing.

File it under dark comedy :smiley:

I must confess I lolled also


hopefully he wont do it again, now he knows what he feels like to plummet


Nope - well funny

Nope, he just done what everyone else stuck in traffic wished they had done :laugh:

no no, it is quite funny

I laughed out loud in costa…lots of mothers with children now think i am a couple of spanners short of a tool kit!

Mel Gibson - Leathal Weapon stylyee tactics love it :smiley:

i must admit it tickled me a touch as well:D:D:D

thats funny :D:D:D

Straight from Mel Gibson/Big Arnie/Clint Eastward movie, probably lots of others.

As a person concerned with others human rights, I found it friggin hilarious.

The world needs more decisive people.

Absolutely totally and unspeakably evil.

Please find more just as funny :smiley:

well a few clicks from that page and I ended up here:

The Marriage Market:D:D