Am I daft for liking this?

MZ Skorpion old yamaha 660 5 valve engine (new XT660 is a four valve) I dont like the white wheels, but quite like the retro look of it.

As a single it’d be good for town and insurance would, at a guess, be low.

I would agree with the white wheel comment.

Its got something about I like as well, looks pretty light and should be nimble and in good nick for the age.

So to answer, no I dont think you are wrong, I like it.:slight_smile:

I bet white wheels are a fecker to keep clean too.

Bike looks pretty good apart from that

I’d be tempted at that price.

Don’t care what anyone else says a decent single is the nuts for town riding.:slight_smile:

I thought you were getting a Baggie???

Looks good for that price… Change of wheels though… :wink:

And each to their own :slight_smile:

Where can you get parts for it?

beel pondering one of those, but as alex says where would you get the parts

I would be more inclined to the yamaha all over version . Spares probably easier to find too .

I might just of found one 'nd all ! In some undiscovered corner of 'tinternet - please not another 200 mile trip to look at a POS!

Num’s - I like the retro look of the MZ (but havent seen one in the flesh) but that yammy looks nice, whats its name then?

put a Ferrari badge on it :smiley:

I’ve ridden one of those and they are a delight.

Curious to look at I’ll agree but the frame is lovely (Seymore and Powell I think) and the rest is simply just quality bits screwed together. Almost a guaranteed future “classic”.

Spares: Plastics are the only real problem, there are none of those left except second hand. The rest is easy. They were pretty much a kit bike built from good stuff bought in, just like the Baghira and Mastiffs.

I’d buy it like a shot at that price if I had the room to keep it.

Hmm. Do I really need a little used dining room?

It’s probably a silly thing to point out … but I’d be wary of photos that are date stamped 2 years ago … every possibility the photos are from when the guy bought it and the bike looks nothing like this any more

The yamaha version was called the SZR 660 . It was always described as a sweet handling little bike in the magazines .

Updated a tad, that’s now a Suzuki MT-03.

The vendor might be posting 2 year old photo’s but his feedback score is excellent.

custom power coat the wheels and voila!


DUNCMAC: Are you going to bid?

My guess is that it will top out at +/- £1K ish, maybe as high as £1.3K.

Nah, I’ll leave this one. - using the photos used by the previous seller is such an ebay classic!

I’m after a baghira or mastiff MZ.

Not having much luck though, found one but its up north and the seller thinks it was a good idea to let the tax run out.

So unless I can borrow a bike trailer I dont think its practical.

surely Yamaha MT-03?

Top guess! Thats what it went for. If its was as good as the photos, total bargin.