Am I being given a sign?

Was woken up this morning by the postman ringing the bell followed by an ominous question:
‘You don’t own a motorbike do you’ My heart sank as I’ve reported to the cops 3 times in the last 10 days that there have been thieves messing about with my bikes. He called me out and there was my SV1000S laid out on its right hand side, still locked up with its cover on.

I don’t know if it was the thieves as it possibly could have been a neighbour who just banged in to it and drove off, but I’ve had bikes on this road for 14 years and not had one knocked before and it’s all just too much of a coincience.

OK my last 9 days in bike terms:
Thurs 28th June:
Neighbour reports thieves messing about with both my bikes, hiding behind the wall of my house and messing with an unknown covered Gillera scooter.
Friday 29th June:
Thieves are back late, find a screw driver next to my bike inside my wall. Gilerra is on its side with no number plate and, since the cover has been pulled off, I can now seen that it has recently been resprayed.
Saturday 30th June:
I had called the cops to report the messing with my bikes but they weren’t interested so this time, after discovering that the scooter appears to be stolen and could have been left there by the theieves and they could be coming back for it and mine at the same time, I decided to go to the police station in person. I was still tired after two nights with very little sleep jumping up at any sound, I rode off without removing the disc lock, dropped the bike and really hurt my back. Embarrasing I know.
Thursday 5th July
First day I’m able to get up and out, still in pain, but had things that needed doing. Took it very easy around town on the bike and was uber careful but still got hit from behind while I was slowing down for traffic lights and knocked off. Got no help lifting my bike which was agony with my still sore back. Luckily the bungs saved any damage on the bike so I let the driver go.
Saturday 7th July, today:
I’m woken by the postie to tell me my bikes on its side. That’s 3 tiimes since last Saturday. He helped me lift it fair play to him, but my back is in pieces again. I have really had just about enough.

Before this I hadn’t picked a bike up the road for over 6 years and that was when I was hit by a white van who’s defense was that he had been stuck in traffic earlier and was trying to make up time as he was late for his job.
I bought my first bike just before my 17th birthday, did my CBT on my 17th birthday and have owned at least one since then for the last 14 years, never a car, but I’m not superstitious or anything, but what the hell is going on? Should I just get an Oyster Card?

I’m glad your bike is still with you dude, you have a nice neighburers as well.

**** happens, to all of us.

Get a baby listener and hide it your fairing or something. Then you’ll hear em’ messing with your bike. I don’t condone violence, but run out of your house when you hear them, with a large blunt instrument, screaming like a mad man. Maybe then, they won’t come back.

Dude, your story has really depressed me. So sorry to hear about your back I hope you feel better soon i know what back pain is like its not a happy thing.

I dunno what to suggest about your bike maybe park it somewhere else for a change or do as C_F says and threaten to beat the little sh1ts to a pulp…

Chin up tho matey, although i suspect you dont want to hear that right now.


Dont scream IM GOING TO KILL YOU YOU LITTLE “”""ers they will only come back again and smash your bike up just rumble them, I would also move your bike or put more security on it.

You got no choice or its loose it, but if they were pros they would have had it by now.

Cheers guys, was just feeling a bit stressed, especially with the guy knocking me off in Hackney in the middle of all the theiving crap. Anyway, yeah I don’t think it’s the pros as they were messing about with a scooter too which looked like it had seen better days and the woman who seen them said they were pretty obvious. Also I doubt my bike’s valuable enough to have the pros this interested in it.

Anyway, I have a good chain and lock on the way to go with my disk lock, and a hurley stick waiting by the front door in case our friends show up again, which I really don’t want to have to use, but they’ll get it accross the legs. If you’ve never sen a hurley stick before- they hurt.