Always keep focused on the road

Wednesday riding home on A12 from Mile End , middle lane on dualcarrageway appeared a brick in the middle lucky to avoid that!

Thursday riding home on A12 from Mile End coming up to the Green Man Round about in the left lane to take 2nd exit , car driver in middle lane decides to take 1st exit cut right across me lucky I breaked in time to avoid that!

I was speaking to a fellow rider yesturday he told me once he was on the motorway and there was a ladder laying across the lanes he said he had no time to react went over it at 70mph and somehow got away with that!!!

last few days have defiantly made me realise to pay more attention even if I have been riding for 6 years!!

Reminds me of an incident in 2005 when on holiday in Florida, we were driving our hire car on Interstate 4 back to Orlando Airport to catch our plane home and suddenly a ladder appeared on the middle carriageway in front of us. I had to take a split second decision and swerved into the left lane to avoid it, luckily I just had time to check there was no one there.

I try not to think about what might have happened had I been forced to smash into the ladder at something like 80 mph. One of those rare moments I was glad not to have been on a motorcycle…

I have been on the M5 and had to swerve to avoid a bicycle lying in the middle lane.

Taken from another forum

many years ago i was going down the m4 at around 4am in a van , when i drove over a shovel .
lucky no one behind me as i saw it flip up in the air and disappear into the darkness.
when i got to the next services and checked for damage the underside of the rear step had a 6 inch cut in it.
nasty if that had been during the day with following traffic.:sick:

riden over a heavy duty lorry chain on the a40… it had curled up in the middle lane and luckily I was on the KTM so the suspension could deal with it… Had to stop a copper van and get them to report it