Although she's gone, she's still with us!!

To my utter surprise when I opened this months Riders Digest, who do I see?? Our very own Sherrie(Shewolf) :w00t: posing on her old R6 for an artical about lady riders :stuck_out_tongue: boy has she changed ;);):wink:

ahahaha, can you please send me a copy?

That was such a long time ago! I was at the Ace with Tania (Little Miss T) when the guy approached us.

What changed? :S

Before: Around the time the interview was done

More recently:

The change is almost 8 stone :w00t:

Try This New one out on the 21st Jan

Ah, I see :smiley:

Sherrie PM me you address and I’ll send you one :wink:

I still remember the half way stage. It was a hot summer, and Sherrie had the zip on her leather jacket half way down as she rode into the Ace.

Got quite an eye full! :w00t:

The end result is nothing short of stunning!

Shouldn’t you have told her this before she disappeared off half way around the world ? :smiley:

But at least we now understand how you managed to put your back out! :hehe:

Still drooling over the old Sherie, love the fuller figure, hope you`re bulking up in the old Us of A:kiss:Send us your address for abusive mail shots.:PHope yer having a loverly time xx

Hahaha… nice one. From what I hear the poor gal is still Bikeless in N.Y. :hehe:

Hey, I am having a fab time thanks and working hard at not bulking back up with all the junk food and crazy protions out here! I’m still here for all the abuse you can send, lol.

I still wana know what your secret to losing all that is!! i need tips!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Think she stopped eating Kebabs :stuck_out_tongue: Hey Stace :wink:

You’re an evil barsteward :laugh:

Next month?



ExR1 - ewww, thats horrible!!!

Stace, I’d like to say it was a healthy method but it was quite drastic. I basically ate very little and exercised a lot! I eat a bit more now but still no bread/chips etc and I train at least 5 times a week.

I picked up a couple for you…actually for Jacklyne who is collecting them! lol

Hey,only joking you look great!