Alternator re-wire?

Anyone know anything about re wiring or replacing an alternator in order to generate more electrical power?

i dont, but i know a man who can, lol.

yeah? who’s that then…

Generating more electrical power could turn expensive. If you are trying to get more power than from the stock generator you might need to replace the regulator, rectifier, various bits of wiring, fuses etc.

What is the issue you are trying to address? There are usually solutions that avoid having to generate more electrical power by using what you have more efficiently.

Ah yes I didn’t think about that… I suppose it would have a knock on effect for the whole electrical system

The problem is the stock generator doesn’t put out enough power to run my heated vest, grips and headlamps. When I try to run them all together the heated grips shut off due to a lack of power


What is the bike, what is the stock amps output? And what is the drain from all the components?

Before fitting things like heated grips you should find the output, and then add up all the things that use watts.

A workshop or Haynes manual will have the data you need.

When adding things up remember to include everything -here is an example of the analysis you need to do, here is some advice I gave someone elsewhere who wanted to upgrade the bulb on a CG125 -

*According to [Haynes Manual], if you have a post 1985 model that is about 20 years old, you will be generating 94w at 5000 revs.

The normal lighting of the bike is already a 35/35w not 25/25.

If you add up all the bulb ratings, the generator can’t support 55w, the rear light (5w), instruments (about 9w) the brake (21w) and indicator (18 or 21w) at the same time! So this means that as you approached a junction and slowed, your headlight would dim, flash in time with the indicator, or maybe even go out, all of which would be dangerous.

If you ran the 55w bulb all the time you would probably be draining the battery also.

On top of this add things like the horn, and the wattage of your vest and grips.

That will tell you how much you need to save. For example, it may be possible to power the vest from a battery pack, or replace some of the bulbs with LED equivalents (although take care as there are some legal and technical issues).

You will need a few watts left over to ensure the battery is getting a continuous charge whe nthe bike is running.

West Country Windings sorted out my alternator when I had a problem, in fact, they just sent me an already re-wired model they had sitting about - sorted!

Reasonable price.

Thanks to Terry-Moto for the original tip.


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