Alternative to rock salt on the roads?

Yeah - that is exactly what I was thinking - I heard that they have to use the salt in order to qualify for the revenue for salt the next year - so they chuck it down at the slightest excuse - I was out walking the other night - it was only slightly cold and the gritter was out! - in the morning there was just a light frosting on the grass!

One of the selling points for foreign used bikes is if they are coming from a country that doesn’t use salt on the roads because they are in so much better nick as a result.

I have plenty of urea if they need it . . . :smiley:

You think it’s bad on roads at our yard is a joke the amount of salt they put down there’s a fella who decided to ride he’s Harley threw winter one year and because of amount of salt completely messed up all the chrome he was well pissed
When I ride in during winter I find acf50 your bike and regular jet wash helps

Keep washing the bike with cold water and use ACF50. Only real solution to be honest.

Yeah - it would be nice if they could use an alternative but you are right - keep buying the ACF50!

Although - it can’t protect the exhaust system right? just burns off?

Yeah - totally - It’s shocking how corrosive and damaging this stuff is.

I rode a Hornet through various hard winters before I started using ACF50 - I’m thinking of doing a restoration job on it - the salt induced cosmetic damage and rust is horrible.

Word of the day :smiley: