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Some odd bike stuff on YouTube, tripped over this channel today and can only say what the hell. Obviously appologies if this is anyone on here in advance :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Fitting a second hand alloy sump guard to a Tiger 800 - YouTube

Right, that’s it. I quit.

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what the heck!! wasnt expecting that!!
nearly chocked on my watermelon!

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Stop trying to rack up puns on other threads now!

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That’s Dinah, her Mother was a Dinah and her Grandmother was the original Dinah of Dinah, Dinah show us your leg fame.

Someone posted one of her vids up on another forum a few months back, doing an oil change or something.

Apparently she has an onlyfans page if you want to see her do some errr, more in depth stuff.

@me_groovy Buy some dungarees and start a video channel, don’t give up so easily :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Please. Don’t

He’s got nicer boobs tbf

I really don’t want to be thinking about his boobs or how you know what they look like!

Already have one. No cleavage.

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