Alright people

Hi there,

mate of smiled who has got me to sign up. im 18 from south london and just wrote off my hornet 600 about 3/4 months ago and still recovering.

however i did just buy a 86 slabside thats gonna become my fighter bike :cool:

Finally made it on here…lol:D

well this is the guy who helped me decide what leather i should buy and great advice on the current lid i wear today…:wink:

( so its his fault i look like a power Ranger:D)

he’s seen the light peeps and gone Zuki…so i think that deserves a warm welcome…

you’ll love it here mate…you really will…




Have It!!! :DDont hurt me please mista :w00t:

Hi and welcome aboard.

hello and welcome!! sorry to hear about ya off, hope ya enjoy the site!

hello and welcome mate

Hi and welcome

just looking for the connection, you are a mate of smiled and you have had a off,

just read your post again, that must have been a bad one, hope you is ok

Welcome aboard, sorry ot hear about the accident :frowning:

You’ve got Smiled’s number though (not literally, you don’t want that, honest), hehe…

:smiley: Thanks people

heres a pic of how the bike ended up…

and i ended up with a broken leg in 3 places and a broken arm in 4-9 places. lost my ÂŁ20 petrol money :angry: got off fairly light for saying hello to the volvo grill :w00t:

Bl00dy Hell!!!

Look at the way that disc is bent in half.

Welcome aboard and get well soon mate.

Did Shane teach you to ride by any chance?;):slight_smile:

he did give me a few tips :Whistling:

all of that to my bike n ill i done to the volvo was slightly bend the wheel :w00t:

Bit of Tcut, that will polish out:DWelcome to LB.

Welcome…Don’t ask Shane for tips on how to leave a party mate :smiley:

im deffonetly not gonna ask him for tips on ow to leave a bike shop after the take all your hard earned moneys :stuck_out_tongue:

and these fookers are my mates…lol:doze:

hope ya settleing in dude!!


yea s’all jiggy mate :hehe:


sorry to hear about your off! looks bad!