Alright lads...

Hi, my name is Ceebs. Im just dropping by as i am on a solo journey around the forums of the world wide web. Basically I used to go on a forum regularly, but then I reached the 5000 post milestone which gave me the tag of ‘Forum Angel’

Due to the shame of being branded a ‘Forum Angel’ I thought enough is enough, its time i broadened my forum horizons, so off I went on an epic journey around the forums. Ive been on this journey for almost 2 weeks now, ive visited all kinds of places and most of them have been very welcome (apart from the Ann Summers forum - BITCHES!)

Anyways so im just passing by, I hope I’ll enjoy my stay here… :cool:

Hello and welcome to LB!

Ann Summers :w00t: Hmm

hiya… i’m a ladieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee (never) lol

always found ann summers good - used to work them. well i am a smut monkey :smiley: utilising my smut resources you know :wink:

5000 posts? that makes you a right saddo :smiley: :Whistling:

Welcome to LB - enjoy your stay :smiley: Not all lads here there is loads of us lasses too ;)Never thought to look at the Ann Summers forum I should imagine some of them are a bit up themselves ;):Whistling:PS Moved you into the newbie area :cool:

Well yeeeeah id say they are kinda up themselves :smiley: Ive changed the topic description to accomodate the ladies :stuck_out_tongue:

Is there photographic evidence of this?;):DWelcome btw:)


ann summers is awsome…

welcome to LB

Hi and welcome aboard.

Hiya, Welcome to LB.

When you get to 5000 posts on here, you get titled ‘Official Forum Bike’ :laugh:

Only joking…Welcome aboard :slight_smile: