Alpinestars Tech Air Race motorcycle suit

Alpinestars has unveiled its new Tech Air Race motorcycle suit, which features airbag protection.

Alpinestars system is very compact and has a sophisticated deployment technology controlled by a high-tech electronic brain.

A very complicated set of algorithms constantly monitor the rider’s movements, and there are five levels of programing that ensures the airbag doesn’t deploy when it’s not necessary.

Data logging to control the system began back in 2003 with John Hopkins and now Casey Stoner, Ben Spies, Mika Kallio and Dani Pedrosa are all running the data logging suits at MotoGP races.

The Air Tech has seven sensors placed on the suit and two separate cylinders that set off a cold charge of nitrogen. It takes just 50 milliseconds to fully inflate and stays fully inflated for around five seconds. After 25 seconds the bag completely deflates. The suit is also equipped with a GPS system which signals emergency personal coordinates as to where the accident has take place.

Production is targeted for June of 2011, and Alpinestars estimates that the Tech Air will add around $2500 to the price of a standard riding suit.

Source | autoblog

i know there’s technology in it so that is does not unnecessarily deploy… but what if it does…
like riding down the motorway then… poof! ud be buggered

They said the same thing about car air bags when they first came out. Can’t remember ever hearing about one just going off.