Alpinestars T-Magnum Jacket

Just got myself one of these for summer…wow what a nice feeling to ride with the wind flowing through you and being able to take your jacket off with out having to peel yourself away :smiley: oooo n not too mention j&s have a lovely sale on with everything 20% off so got it for a bargain £80

That’s a nice jacket!

Does it feel sturdy when you’re wearing it? And armour-wise?

How does it compare on the confidence scale compared to leather? :slight_smile:

the armour isnt very brill to be honest but i got it for pootling into n out of town but ive upgraded the armour in it so could use it on a faster pace

nice one :stuck_out_tongue:

ive had one of these since early last summer, definitely a bargain.

i upgraded the armour in mine aswel, and you’ll be happy to know the jacket itself does well when you have a fight with Mr tarmac
tested in myself…twice :smiley:

Got this one from Hein Gericke -

£80 as well with leather where it counts and mesh to keep you super-cool. Looks good as well.
Got it as a replacement to the one I’m selling. (forgive the free ad :wink: )

Oooh, I have that jacket in Black. It’s too big for me now though so will put it up for sale when I find the time!!

The liner is waterproof too, I got caught in a downpour wearing it once!