alpinestars smx4 for £78

this always happens. i search and search and search the web for the cheapest price on some bike gear i’m interested in. find it (this time j&s won through with 20% discount) and then a week or so later i find it cheaper somewhere without even trying.

alpinestars smx4 (great not-too-sport-focussed, comfy-to-walk-in, don’t-look-like-a-gay-futuristic-cowboy-boot) for £78 on go to the big sale book on the right hand side, page 4-5 of that.

bugger :angry:

I wouldn’t worry too much, just rang them, all out of stock, they had all gone even before they managed to put that sale book online.

oh cool! thanks for letting me know! sorry you missed out on a bargain though :slight_smile:

They still have some Shoei XR1000’s at the old price, brilliant deal compared to the silly money now asked for new model Arai/Shoei lids where the only thing that’s changed is the colours.