Alpinestars Leather Trousers ~30" waist

I seem to have porked out a bit, so got some Alpinestars leather bat pants to flog on.

Good nick, just couple of very minor scuffs. Size US30/EU46 - would suit about 29-31" waist. Full details and lots of pics on my ebay listing. To someone on here, I’ll accept £60.

I wish i had a 30" waist…

I have a 30"waist but I just bought a new pair off motorcycle jeans

I wish i had a 30" waist............ banman
have you thought about giving crossfit a go?

Need to find a diet i can stick to for longer than a week. One that’s basically good food but allows you to eat too much still :disappointed_relieved:

It’s been a long time since I could get into 30" waist trousers. Pints of Guinness will do that.

no breakfast, no lunch, eat whatever you like at dinner is a good one.  You soon get used to eating nothing all day.

Sorry would be too loose