Alpinestars GP Pro gloves in black

Bought these a couple of weeks ago, new 2008 stock, just not quite right for me, still in perfect condition, used 5 times inc one track day, never been wet. These are the top Alpinestars glove for max protection, double layer leather, double stitched, kevlar lined, hard knuckle protection etc, a great glove.

I paid £130 but will sell for £90, can deliver to Ace/BM etc. All black with white detailing and size is XXL which is XL for most other glove companies.

Same as these but all black except the cuff detailing is still white:

Anybody interested before they go on eBay ?


When you say they aren’t quite right for you what do you mean?

I bought some at NEC and they didn’t feel right but after talking to Ang’s Mark I persevered with them and once broken in I love them to bits:)

They’re too big. Bought some Dainese kevlar lined things at the weekend with titanium knuckle and they’re a bit on the tight side but should loosen up nicely. The GP Pro’s are just too big so they ruffle up under my knuckle.

Still for sale, been unused since I put the post up. Make me an offer ! :slight_smile:

Have you got a piccy Steve ?

_+ 1 i bought some last year first week i hated them bought different pair , tried them on after a few weeks and broke them in and now i love them

Interested in these too. If only I could remember what size I tried on at the bike show…