Alpinestars 2 piece suit

Size 54/44. 34 waist trousers, jacket should be a 44, but its (very) tight on me and I fit OK into another Alpinestars jacket size 40, and I have a 44 that is massive on me - I could fit a knox armour vest underneath it. Bought it a month or so back because my 36/52 trousers were getting a bit tight and so needed a 38/54 pair, but the zip is a full length one rather than the 3/4 length on all of my jackets, and if the jacket doesn’t fit the suit is useless to me.

Bad points

No back armour, and no pocket that I have found (knee, shoulder and elbow armour is there).

Zip pull has gone (the rubber bit only) so there is a key ring in its place.

The trousers have some scuffing on them on the right leg. I would call it superficial only - the shine has been taken off but the leather is still fine. The worst bit of it would be covered by a boot anyway, and the pics should be clear as to the extent of it.

The jacket has a bit of pitting on the right shoulder. The leather is not worn, its just the there is a little bit of scratching on it.

Some of the colour has faded from the seams.

It might be a bit of an old suit, but not spectacularly.

Jacket is a short style one, and the zip is a full length one. This will not combine with other separate Alpinestars gear. Its a 2 piece suit and not really anything else. This is the main reason I’m selling, as I have 3 other A* jackets, and need to be able to mix and match my gear.

Given the condition I’m only looking for £60. I work central London (More London, between London Bridge and Tower Bridge) and can travel a bit in London during the lunch break or after work (after 5.30). Or I live in Alton in Hampshire if you fancy a nice ride of a weekend. When I’m on the bike I’m up and down the A3 daily, and on the train its the Alton line (Alton, Bentley, Farnham, Aldershot, Ash Vale, Brookwood, Woking, then Waterloo). For an extra tenner I can throw in a big wheeled holdall that will quite easily contain it for easy transportation (by foot only).

Pictures on my google drive here.

Sold, subject to acceptance tomorrow morning. Wow, that was quick.

that’s what my girlfriend always says to me :stuck_out_tongue: