Alpinestar GP Pro Gloves

Just got my gloves delivered from aMerica. They are really comfy and well padded too!
Thought I would share them with you…



Nice one, ive got same but in black , Very comfy and padded well ,survived a low side at silverstone last week no damage at all, only thing i find is the plastic closer can sometimes not do up so allways check em , cool gloves tho . yours are a bit lairy for me:D

Great gloves.

I’ve been wearing various versions of that glove for the last 10 years.

I buy them in Andorra at motocad - last pair cost about £80

Nice gloves, How much did you paid for them if you dont mind me asking.

Here is them…

I got them for $199. I bought them with some other stuff from the states so paid $25 for delivery with the other items.


jeez anuva power ranger :D:D

so how much did you save over uk prices ? often thought about buying from states but thought it might be hassle, is it best to visit uk shops try for size then order ? :slight_smile:

I’ve got a pair of these for sale if anybody is intested. Only worn them 4 times, bought new in July but too big for me. They are a XXL size which is almost the same as XL for most other gloves. These are immaculate, never been wet etc black with white flashings. PM me if interested.