So quick intro… I’ve just started biking a few weeks ago. I’m 24 and I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to shed 2 wheels and get on a bike!

I’m currently riding a Hyosung Comet GT125, most of the components of which are made from CREAM CHEESE. (It’s done barely 2500 Miles and needs new sprockets and a chain). Still, at it was cheap, looks nice and is big enough so I don’t like a clown on a monkey bike. Doing my DAS asap so I can get a real bike made of METAL that doesn’t get outrun by cyclists.


p.s. I have no idea why I put a question mark icon on this post … I’m confused.

Hey Mark, welcome to LB, and biking! Good luck with the DAS course, let us know how you get on, and hope to meet you at our Cubana meet some time. Details in main forum.

Hello and welcome to LB Mark.

Hi Mark, welcome to the site

What you need is a Monster… oh that’s the other post

good morning!! yey and guess what peeps? its friday!!!

Hiya Mark

welcome to LB

poke poke with the newbie stick



Welcome Mark

Welcome to LB

SmacK poke poke with the newbie crutches

Take it easy and enjoy the experience, the swelling from the newbie stick pokes go down in a day or so take it from another newbie this week!

welcome…where in essex are u…

Thanks for the warm welcome everyone. I have applied some cream to the newbie stick induced sores… :slight_smile:

I’m living in Shenfield. (most people who’ve heard of it, call it ‘the place where the trains stop?’)

p.s. How do I do smileys?

Welcome mate,

Good luck with the DAS. Take it nice and easy and build up your confidence and you’ll fly through it.

Hey there Mark… Welcome to LB… Enjoy the ride dude…