almost lost my bike aswell!!!!

well i think its time we all get a guard dog and some cctv for our bikes

i went to sleep last night 1am the bike was still there woke up bike is still there but the real seat cowl is on the floor disc lock busted snapped screw driver in the barrel and my loom exposed!!!

ive never had a problem with my area for the last year so now im gonna start parking the bike in different places under cover chained to a past

Lucky there mate, seems like you had a bit of an amateur having a go there…

Seems like the warm weather is bringing out the scrotes again, left my place early (8am) on sunday morning and saw a couple of dodgy kids on bikes cycling up and back down the street (it is a cul-de-sac!)

You were lucky. They must have been spooked by someone.

I’m thinking of getting a Tiger and keeping it in the garage with the bikes! Imagine the faces of the little scrotes when that thing walks out from the shadows at the back of the garage. :smiley:

good i gave you that spare cowl last week then:P shitty news though guess it’s better than your tank going missing again.

well they had a bit of knowledge as i got chatting to a local who’s cbr600 had a datatool system 3 alarm they had got it apart put some hair clips in the right places which bi passed the alarm and it started they just couldn’t get the chain off so they must of been looking for more than just my bike

yeap was needed as they busted the rear slot piece on the cowl cheers for that.

still not me tank and other bits for now:w00t:

Very lucky, hope its not going to be to expensive to get the bike fixed.

I don’t get many people come up my drive:w00t:



nah its already sorted bit of dremel work and some tape and thanks to viggen im back on the road

seen that pic before on the wicked dog mo

It is def that time of yeasr again where everyone needs to be on their guard.

I love the tiger idea, that would be a wicked suprise for them, I opted for a rotti, seems to do the trick :smiley:

u may hire me to sleep next to the bike during summer if you like :smiley: