Almeria track days

Hi all, not ever got around to doing a trackday but seems like a bucket list kind of year. Colleague at work is organizing a few days at Almeria later this year, inc shipping bikes over type gig. Thoughts as a first time track or should I try and do one in the UK, want to make sure I enjoy/max the experience at Almeria.

Either way motivation I need to lose some timber, know already my old two piece leathers ain’t fitting me right now :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’ve only been to one Spanish circuit, Park Moto (or should that be Parc Moto). I first went there in 2016 for two days, also taking the Simon Crafer Moto Vudo training. I enjoyed it so much, I went over there the following year for three days. Both times, it was “open circuit”, that being unlimited time on track for the whole day, with the exception of a compulsory lunch hour break.

In Spain, you can almost guarantee good weather, which is probably the main advantage over a UK circuit. Definitely find out if you’d be in grouped sessions or if it is open circuit. The latter is certainly better, but it probably more expensive. Open circuit leaves you in a much more relaxed state, and if affordable, I highly recommend it.

If the bike is being transported out there make sure of two things. Firstly that you get everything you need out there, transported with your bike. If you’re dropping the bike off to a pick-up point, make sure your have the correct clothing to get back home. Be a pity to drop the bike off and then realise you have not brought a pair of trainers to take a train back home. Secondly, make sure that your bike and all clothing and equipment that is being transported out there is fully covered and insured for damage, theft, fire etc. I cannot remember all the facts, but a few years ago, a transporter truck with a few dozen bikes on, was either stolen or there was an accident or a fire, sorry I’m typing this at 01:15.

If I ever do a Spanish track again, I’d like to ride out there, rather than have the toy taken out there for me. Yes, it does take a few days to ride out there, and I’d probably spend more on fuel and hotels than having the toy transported and taking a cheap flight out there, but I like riding on the continent, and the ride out there and back would be a great experience.

Another thing. The first time I went to Park Moto, I had to drop my toy of at a bike shop in Hampshire. The following year, I paid a bit extra and got the company to pick the bike up from my home.

The bike was put onto a special crate with all of my clothing & kit, and that was all wrapped in clingfilm. Hopefully the attached pictures shows that clearly.

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Do both, do a UK track before going to Almeria to give yourself some track day experience making Almeria less of a learning curve.

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If you do that make sure you can still ride the bike with all the gear you leave with it and what you have when you meet it. At least by dropping it off yourself you know you can ride with all the gear onboard.

I’ve done many, many UK trackdays, but have not done a fly-away one yet, so take this as a partial view:

I would definitely recommend doing a UK trackday first. The cost of a fly-away trackday is much more than a UK one, not least because of the travel/shipping aspect, but also the equipment you’ll typically wan to take, and then all the consumables. I see the benefits of doing one or more UK trackdays first as:

  • Determine if you like it at minimal expense
  • Determine if you want to make equipment changes before committing to a longer trackday experience (bike, protective gear, tyres, tools, etc)
  • Build up some track experience at smaller, slower UK circuits before going to larger, faster European ones. This would no doubt help with both your comfort levels as well as personal safety

I’ve only been several times in Spanish circuits (Jarama-Madrid, Montmelo, Alcañiz Aragon and Jerez) and the circuits are really good but they are fast circuits. Probably the best is starting in one of the small UK circuits. Obviously the weather should be better in Spain, and you have also small circuits as Albacete or Alcarras, and you can do a couple of track days plus some days holidays.

Thanks all, seems like we are in agreement then. UK track day before commiting to Spain. Organisation for that is shipping bike and a couple of bags, which I would prefer to riding there and back. Guess I’d take a basic bag of tools, zip ties and gaffer tape go without saying.

Still need to work on getting into the leathers. They have shrunk :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I think you said they’re two-piece? Make sure they’re trackday compliant. There must be no sign of skin if you raise your arms in the air.

You are not trying to link this to the thread about base layers are you🤣

Hah, no!
No base layers visible either. Must be full leather, no exposed parts inside the leathers :slight_smile:

FFS there is currently a lot more skin on show which is the problem, zipping the two piece together is fine they just don’t bloody fit!!!

I think some circuits insist on a full waist zip? Like Dainese do.

Yes, that’s UK trackday organiser rules. They must fully zip up so there is no exposed bodyparts when raising your arms above your head :slight_smile:

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