Almeria Track Day Jan 2011

Just booked on the 3 dayer at Almeria from the 28th of Jan 2011 and wondered if anyone else is going?

are you riding your bike all the way there richard ?

No mate, the bikes have to go down to Bristol next weekend to be shipping out to Spain. We follow on the plane a week later.

Should be fun to get some winter sun.

I’m going. First time there so looking forward to checking out the track.
Let’s hope for good weather.

interested! :smiley:

with a potential passport lockdown in march for a few mths, this c-o-u-l-d b-e I-T. also, got flashed for the 1st time yesterday after an overdue rideout which perhaps hints to a need for a more suitable outlet!

a little hesitant tho as only been on 4 track days & unsure of weather as am new to UK/EU…well new to biking & tracks for that matter!! but i think i have enough keenness to supersede! :w00t::stuck_out_tongue:

this is with NL yeah? will chk with them tmz.

is flying the only option as just had a quick peak on EasyJet & only flights are weds 2 weds if i am to cover the 3 days. guess that’s what you get for spontaneity!