Almeria - Easter weekend 2013 - FUN FUN FUN

Hey guys,

SO as mentioned before i was keen to do a track day in europe this year. SO after much decision making i have decided to go to Almeria during the Easter Weekend - The Dates are 29th March to 1st of April.

Its 4 days on track and includes 4 Star hotel (i cannot remember if you have to share a room - but i will find out)

You take your bike about 2 weeks before to the drop off point in the brighton area - you can bring spare tyres, a medium sized tool box with essential tools, tyre warmers, leathers and anything else you need and stick it on the truck with your bike.

Then you need to book flights down to Almeria (think they cost me about £80 last time BUT BOOK EARLY)

Mrs Rixxy is going to come as well, not to ride but to take a few days off in the sun. We might stay on after a do a couple of days of chilling out (she gets a discount as a non rideing customer.

Its a good deal all round.

Would be good to get a group of us together, i believe we get a discount if we don’t use there accommodation, this is what i did 2 years ago and we stayed at almond reef instead which was amazing but i think works out more over all!

We will need to rent a car to get from the hotel to the circuit (they might do a shuttle bus i cannot remember) but if there is a few of us we can just split it.

Any questions PM me and i will do my best to answer.

Things to consider - you will need more than 1 set of tyres!!! But the best thing to do is hunt for scrubs before you go!


Just realised that the Monday and Friday are both bank holidays meaning I dont have to work…definitely tempted
Who is it with?

Focused Events judging by the tag.

Yep Focused events

Just looked for flights…will be about £200 return
Not so sure now

I’d love to mate but as discussed - going to Catalunya that weekend. Soz but i cant pull out of that.

I am riding down there though!

I’m really interested but the flights are £150+ leaving 28th returning 2nd… I’m a maybe at this point, need to see how much everything else will cost to get a total cost overall

yeah i have not booked as flights as expensive, and cat wants to come.

Maybe if we look at other events, it looks like there are a few on the Focused Events website

ive been on these before and its a real blast! you come back a better rider than you can believe. all in for everything you are gonna need about £1000, but its good value and they really look after you! N.B the accommodation doesnt include the last night, so unless you want to take your leathers off and head straight to the airport on the last day, you will be required to pay for an extra night. then you can leave in the morning which is what most people do. youd still do the whole trip for a grand-ish IMO. which is nice if youve got it. i think im gonna have to wait til the end of the year and go on the december one that they do.

I have done them before also, the big surprise was the cost of the flights this time, it was £250 + last time it cost me £67.00

If we can pick a different one with cheaper flights, I would be interested

Sounds like you could ride down cheaper.:slight_smile:

I had a look at flights to Alicante (FocusedEvents suggest flying to Murcia or Alicante, both 1 to 2 hrs from the hotel) for the one mid-April (18th to 21st), the flights were around £70 to leave the day before and return the day after so that’s much better

It’s £455 for the 4 days:

Hey guys. Me and 12 other guys (some of them LBrs) are doing focused events end of feb Almeria TD. Same price as yours I think. But beware, when you pay your balance and get your paperwork. Focused tell us we will be needing euro TD cover . £60 ish. Plus a European health card. Or you will not be let on track without it (Their words) .
Nothing was mentioned when we all paid/booked…

Get your EHIC card for free here…

As there are some sites that charge for it :crazy:

Yeah i had to sort something like that last time.