Almeria 2nd May FE

I’ve only just come back but fancy going again. Out of my normal group of 5 it looks like no one can make this one so I may go on my own. Anyone on here going that fancies a hire car share?

FRIDAY 02 May 2014 | Almeria

4Days over a BANK HOLIDAY WEEKEND 2nd - 5th MAY 2014 | Spaces Available: 10




Im already out there doing the days before, but I’m staying out to chill out in the sun (maybe squeeze 1 more day in) so happy to have a couple of beers with you in the evening mate.

Hello Rixxy, friend of Scorch :slight_smile: I have heard a bit about your antics whilst swigging tea and watching Scorch do my garden :slight_smile:

So you are on the exclusive just before then? I may switch and do that, never done OPL before. I am itching to get back. Target is 1:47s this time…



Hey mate,

Yeah mate switch, there is a good crowd of us going and last time it was excellent.

We already have a car rented if you wanna just pitch in. I was doing 1.51’s so want a 1.48 a pal of mine want a 1.45 so sounds like we are all similarly stupid!:wink:

If you can drink and ride a bike you will like us!