Almax the best?

Gonna get a chain - thinking of an almax - they are the best right?

Can you only buy online?



Give erm a call

wot he said ^

im trying to sell a series iv. check the for sale section!

I’d look here

PJB Security

Go for a 19mm chain with Squire SS65 padlock the price you see is the price you pay (including the post and packaging) and you’ll also get a free ground anchor or disk lock on the chain/lock combinations.

And the best bit is you’ll have more hard earned left in the bank at the end of the deal

Thanks for the responses info and the links guys - cheers :slight_smile:

+1 for the 19mm chain. I’ve got the anchor bolted to my house. Regrettingly have to keep my bike out the front so I bought the biggest, thickest chain I could get. It’d be easier to cut the wheel than the chain by the looks of it.