Almax chains

I know there are quite a few mentioned re Almax chains on the forum, but just for my own peace of mind - they’re good, right?

Could someone explain the difference between the Series III and Series IV? Also, what’s the difference between the locks, i.e. Squire and CISA, as well as the ground anchors they use?

Ta muchly.

Series III is 16mm… i.e. the links are 16mm thick links… Series IV the links are 19mm thick (or 3/4" for the old fogies) therefore the seriesIV should be more cropper/grinder/hammer etc resistant

if ya don’t believe me…

16mm series III‘Chain%20Only’

19mm series IV‘Chain%20Only’

looks like series 4 is the way to go then - what about the lock though - I’m interested to know as well.

The series IV is a serious piece of kit. However it’s not that portable - It’s very heavy which is a good thing but not if you want to carry it around with you…

I’ve not seen any reviews about the locks however although not assuming it’s good I can’t see Almax marrying their product to an inferior lock.

yes please, best lock and ground anchor please, I had an oxford boss alarm lock before, seemed really sturdy and went off at any slight touch, I think its pefect as a first line defence, as it would go off before the bike alarm likely, and before the theif gets to destroy the chain

cool, so series IV is good for keeping at home. I can barely fit a disc lock into the storage on my r6

Series IV it is. Series IV only seems to come with the Squire lock tho - (and optional extra of a choice of two ground anchors).

Almax rock. I can carry mine in the bag they supply on the pillion seat. I wouldn’t use anything else personally.

I’m with Jay on this.

I’ve had my Series III for over 2 years now…Excellent.

I use a Hardie ground anchor and Squire lock, all sold on the Almax website.

Don’t forget to mention LB for your 10% discount.

For reference, just had an email back from Almax:

"Hi Keti

Yes as a member of London bikers you get a £10.00 discount and a free lock
bag, along with free delivery (only makes a difference if your order is
under £149.95)

If you give us a ring, it would go out today and you would have it tomorrow."

So seems it’s not a 10% discount.

Hi, I second Jay and AfroR1 on this - I have the defiant ground anchor and the Almax 3 chain w/ squire lock and am very happy with it. Actually just upgraded to the IV chain so that I have a spare one to chain my bike to trailer and trailer to car when i go track daying a few days…